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Buying short – even very short – term car insurance for a period of between one single day and 28 days is now a routine procedure for many UK vehicle owners. The days when you were forced to insure a vehicle for a minimum of one year now thankfully belong to another period; in this modern day and age insurance companies have entered the 21st century and now a number of insurers specialise in offering cover for motor vehicles, including cars and light vans, for temporary use over a few days or weeks. Short period cover of one single day is perhaps the most popular for motorists who need coverage for perhaps a one-time emergency, a once only loan of a bigger car, extra insurance to protect a no claims bonus or for providing comprehensive cover whilst test driving or picking up someone else's motor, whilst you could choose any other term of days up to 28 days.

Temporary car assurance like this is very easy to arrange; applications can be made online at any time or day that you wish, 7 days a week and there is a very brief form to fill in that should take just 1 or 2 minutes to fill in to get a quotation. Provided that all the insurer's criteria are met regarding the type of car to be insured, the applicant's driving record, etc etc are okay a number of specialist insurers are invited to provide a quote and if one of them is acceptable it is only another 1 or 2 minutes more before the policy can be purchased with cover coming into force immediately or at a date and time within the next few days or so.

One particular advantage of buying a short-term policy in this way is that the all-important insurance certificate is available for download as soon as the coverage has been purchased. This is particularly important in these days of increasing concern about uninsured motorists and police authorities throughout the UK routinely check the Motor Insurers Database, which is a database containing details of all car insurance policies in the UK, using automatic cameras with number plate recognition technology. Unfortunately this database can sometimes be some time out of date, since it can take several days for a new assurance policy to be uploaded onto it so from time to time mistakes do occur and innocent motorists can find themselves having to prove that they do in fact have proper insurance coverage for the vehicle they are driving. When a motor vehicle which appears to be uninsured is spotted the first thing the motorist knows about it is when the lights of a police car appear in the rearview mirror and he or she is asked to produce insurance documentation. Failure to satisfy a police officer that a car is properly insured can result in instant confiscation of the vehicle and a court date in a very short time to answer the charge of driving a motor vehicle without insurance. The purchaser of short term vehicle coverage can avoid the possibility of this by downloading the insurance documentation, printing it and carrying it in the vehicle at all times, instead of having to wait for the postman to call, which is the usual fate of those who buy one year policies.

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